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Winter's Threshold

For powerful technology trends, the inevitable shift from services to product is a key inflection point or “threshold” and something that drives immense opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors.

We are cycling over an exciting threshold in enterprise technology, where a set of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) -driven opportunities are emerging that can dominate the services-first business models common across the technology sector. Simply identifying this trend currently is popular, but also not sufficient. [Read more...]


Selling to the U.S. Government


The U.S. Government represents a massive potential market, with annual IT spending exceeding $80 billion. In addition, it is often an early adopter of advanced technology and can serve as an irrefutable test of a product’s scalability and resiliency. At the same time, many companies rightfully fear the downside of USG engagement: deathly slow sales cycles, obscured customer feedback, competition from proprietary programs, and costly security and compliance requirements. Across many years shepherding technology startups into high-impact USG use, the team at Winter Partners has honed an expert approach to early stage USG engagement. [Read More...]